Fangirl, AKA: My life Story

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell has put my feelings and thoughts that I never thought could ever be worded correctly into the perfect words to explain my thoughts and my feelings about so many different things.


First with Eleanor & Park, but this book hit home with me. I cried a lot, sometimes not even because I was sad but just because WOW it was perfect. I love Cather, I love Levi. I think Wern represents my sister a lot even though she's not a twin and is actually three years older than me. My dad left us when I was nearly five, just like their mom left them when they were, like, eight. Reagan I think represents my best friend VERY well.

I had always been so afraid of relationships and trusting people and I pushed people away, but at the same time I was so sick of being alone. I built up walls around me and expected people to find me. I can't change and to read this book about Cather-- who I feel is in a similar situation--  makes me feel so much better about it. I know that there might be people that will fight to be in my life. People that will break through the brick walls I've built up.

I write, I write a lot of fanfiction actually and I use to write some with my sister, I'm serious... It's scary how much I relate to Cather. 


I don't have an incredibly sweet and goofy boyfriend who works at Starbuck but my friend and I joke it's only because I'm not in college yet. 

Levi was so easy to fall in love with (Just as Park was.) The book was interesting and I NEVER WANTED TO PUT IT DOWN (I didn't, I read it in one day. oops) but it was also easy to follow. I never had to reread something because I didn't understand. I just got it. I understood and I followed it well. I absolutely ADORE that in a book in every way.

This book will be one of those books (Like The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns) That I will read over and over and over again. It'll be one I cry over if it goes missing, it'll be one I won't let anyone including my best friend borrow because I love it with my life.

When someone asks me if I could only grab a few things after my house set on fire, it's going to be one of those things. It's HOPE and I LOVE it more than anything I've ever read before. No one could possibly understand my LOVE for this book.

If you ever need help understanding what's going on in my head READ THIS BOOK AND I SWEAR YOU WILL KNOW EVERYTHING.