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Anna and the French Kiss (Anna & the French Kiss 1) by Stephanie Perkins (2014) Paperback - Stephanie Perkins

Don't look at me I'm smiling like an idiot and my cheeks are aching from all the smiling.

Wow. Romance has always been something I'm more interested in writing rather then reading. Of course I read a lot of books that contain romance but I don't think I read many that is just focused on Romance like Anna and the French Kiss.

I have to say the only reason I picked this book up was because earlier this year I was invited to go to France in 2016 with my French teacher and a selective other French students and I've been freaking out about it. I'm taking French III next year, but I don't know if I'm ready for FRANCE. (Obviously, my French teacher thinks otherwise and I'm flattered, really.)

Anyway, my point is Anna and this book and her story has given me hope for being helpless with the French language (I'm not as helpless as she was though) and maybe that's part of the reason I loved this book!!

Okay but it's not the only reason because dude, Anna was so cute and everything I want to be. And while I loved the romance in the book I love that Bridget and her exchange gifts of banana's and bridge's. I love that Merideth wears a lot of rings and I love that Josh is an artist and I love how Rashmi is such a badass character that I loved.

I'm seriously in love with all these characters.

But how could I forget about St. Clair? What a wonderful, goofy, beautiful, French/English/American character to throw into a story. Like... He's almost as great as Levi. I think those two could bond over hair. (Levi, of course, from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell)

And I love that St. Clair is afraid of heights and I love that he loves his mother so much. Speaking of which, what an emotional roller coaster ride!

While it's true that I smiled a lot during this book I'm also sure I cried just as much as I smiled. I'm not a perky or outgoing as Anna but I can relate to her a lot. That being said, whenever she was in tears, so was I. And when St. Clair's mother called to say she has cancer, I had to step away from the book a moment and bite my fist to stop my sob.

I wasn't expecting to read this book so quickly. It was something I picked up because it was big and because I'm unable to buy more books and I thought it would keep me occupied for a while. But I was wrong. Because I couldn't put it down. Because I still need more of Anna's story. And I'm excited to continue on a read about the cute redhead in Anna's class who's crushing on Josh. I'm interested. I'm intrigued

Now can we please talk about how much Levi (from Fangirl) and St. Clair would bond over their great hair?